Provided by Colby Phillips:

The Public Works Yard will be open starting May 1st until May 25th for Yard debris ONLY. Hours will be Monday through Friday 7am-3pm and Saturdays, 8am-4pm

Clint Parks with Public Works will be starting to get our pools ready in the next few weeks. Clint has been getting the outdoor pools ready for the last 20 years and we truly appreciate his hard work! Yacht Club will be the first pool and then the additional three will be prepared. The pools will be ready to be open for Memorial Day weekend. Look for all new umbrellas at the Yacht Club pool this year! We have found a more user-friendly umbrella for our guests. We will use the current ones at some of our other pools as well as our Racquet Center.

Racquet Center Tennis Courts will have the Har Tru clay courts redone starting this week. Vernon our Racquet Center manager will be working with Bob Grant to get the wind screens up over the next two weeks.

The PW Landscaping team is cleaning up Pintail Park in preparation for Arbor Day. Hoping to keep this beautiful weather for that!

Debbie Donahue has been working hard on getting the Craft Building ready for RFP. Debbie oversees our day to day daily operations of our Recreation & Parks Dept and has done a fabulous job with her team!

Bulkheads continue to be a priority in getting finished for Nobie and our PW team. They have been working closely with the County, Engineer and the contractors working on these to keep our affected homeowners up to speed as well as plans going forward.

Thank you all for your continued support of our Ocean Pines Team! If you have any concerns, questions or want to share a compliment on something you have seen, please email me at

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