Projects in the Pines: March 25- 29

Presented by Colby Phillips:

Did you know we have had over 70 inches of rain since March of last year? The 10-year average is 45 inches. With rain comes awful flooding issues! The Public Works Ad-Hoc Drainage committee met last Friday to discuss the issues of drainage in our community. Here are some notes from our meeting:

• There are currently 6 people on the Pub. Works staff dedicated to drainage work. Their jobs include the cleaning of ditches, cleaning out the drainage pipe system when required, overall maintenance of the system. However, they may be reallocated to other PW duties as required.
• There is a need to outsource the cutting of brush and trees allowing crews to access certain locations, clean ditches for proper drainage, as well as reducing encroaching brush and tree growth. The cost for outsourcing this work is $25.00 per linear foot.
• It was determined that OPA has responsibility for maintaining both sides of our ditch system as indicated in the DR’s for each section. The ditch portion of lot owner’s property has been eased over to OPA.
• A notification program will be designed to inform lot owners of OPA responsibility and their assistance in keeping our ditch system functioning properly. This notification will include progress on drainage projects, drainage education, and future topics as they arise. This would be accomplished through the regular mailing of the association, Eblast, etc.
• Leaf removal issues were addressed. It was suggested that lot owners be informed of the availability of paper leaf bags to be filled by homeowners and picked up by PW or 2 bags will be picked up by our trash pickup service. This needs further research.

The committee will be dedicated to drainage and working to solve as many of the issues as we are able to do. Some, unfortunately, are in low lying wetlands and this makes it more difficult. If you have a need to put in a work order on your drainage ditch, please email Billie at The team is dedicated to doing all we can to work on this issue. Justin and his crew are doing a fabulous job and responding to over 65 work orders weekly!

Shout out to our Landscaping team of Kellie, Tony, Rob, Ben, and Josh! They worked hard last week on getting Cathell road mulched. Removed all plastic edging from Pintail Park and Terns Park, cleaned the beds, Pathways, around the gazebo and replaced with stone pavers. Edged all the tree beds to prepare for mulch and replaced the Jap Maple memorial tree. They also trimmed and cleaned many areas around the community to get ready for flowers and mulch. Cleaned area at 4 way stop at Manklin Road. And the list goes on…. Thank you to this group of hardworking staff!!

Have a great week everyone!

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