Parks & Walking Trail Map

Ocean Pines is home to a large number of recreational opportunities that attract visitors from not only within the coastal region and greater Worcester County, but also throughout the state of Maryland. Some of those features include walking trails. In fact, there are six trails in Ocean Pines.

Walking and jogging are among the most popular forms of recreation in ‘The Pines’ and Worcester County. It’s an inexpensive activity that may be enjoyed whenever it’s convenient for you. We encourage families to walk together and make walking a regular activity for all ages. Trails support an active lifestyle that improves health.

Walking Trail Length Surface Location
White Horse Park Trail 1 mi. Stone Dust North End of OP
Bainbridge Park Trail .25 mi. Stone Dust North End of OP
Sherwood Forest Trail 2.5 mi. Stone Dust South End of OP
South Gate Pond Trail 1 1 mi. Stone Dust South End of OP
South Gate Pond Trail 2 2.5 mi. Stone Dust South End of OP
Swim & Racquet Trail 1 mi. Stone Dust North End of OP

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Just Walk Campaign in Worcester County

Snow Hill, MD – Worcester County Health Department encourages residents to take part in the 2nd Annual 1 Billion Steps Challenge through the American Public Health Association. Last year, Worcester walked more than six million steps in the winter and spring, coming in third place among nearly 700 teams across the country. This year, taking part in 1 Billion Steps is easier than ever: individuals and teams can register online using the free Stridekick app for smartphones and other devices. The challenge begins on January 1, 2018, and ends on April 8, 2018.

“With temperatures dropping and the holiday rush, it can become difficult to get enough physical activity during the winter,” said Kat Gunby, director of Prevention Services at the Worcester County Health Department. “We want to encourage residents of Worcester County to take as many steps as possible to get a head start into 2018. Tracking the challenge through Stridekick is a great way to foster a sense of community and shared accomplishment.”

This event is free and open to the public. You can sign up to participate in the 1 Billion Steps Challenge through Stridekick by visiting and clicking on the link on the front page. Residents are welcome to make their own team or join the Health Department’s JustWalkWor group. For more information on the event or Worcester Health’s free, fitness program Just Walk, or if you would like to report your miles by phone, call 410-632-0056.