Regular Board Meeting – April 6

Saturday, April 6, 2019
9:00 AM, Assateague Room, Community Center


Call to Order – Doug Parks

Pledge of Allegiance – All

Approval of Agenda – Board

Approval of Minutes

March 9, 2019 – Regular Meeting

March 30, 2019 – Special Meeting

President’s Remarks – Doug Parks

Treasurer’s Report- John Viola

Operations Report – Colby Phillips and Steve Phillips

Public Comments

Capital Purchases Requests- None

CPI Violations-

16 Sandyhook Rd.

54 Bramblewood Dr.

Unfinished Business – None

New Business –

MOTION:  Move to appoint Jeff Knepper as a Director on the OPA Board. – Doug Parks

MOTION:  Move to approve the position of Director of Operations as requested by the General Manager with a salary range commensurate with the associated duties and responsibilities. – Doug Parks

MOTION:  I move that the Board of Directors initiates a referendum to obtain the approval of OPA membership on the planned action to replace existing golf amenity facilities, namely the clubhouse and the cart barn buildings. – Slobodan Trendic

MOTION:  I move that the Board of Directors approves the action to issue an RFP, with the help from an independent industry expert, to lease OPA’s Golf Course with an intent to have the results presented to the Board by July 1, 2019.  – Slobodan Trendic

MOTION – To agree as a Board to submit an RFP for executive search firms to aid the Association in identifying candidates for the GM position. – Colette Horn

MOTION:  to approve the formation of a Compensation Work Group to develop a Resolution on Compensation Philosophy for OPA that forms the basis for the organization’s pay and benefit package structure with the expectation that it be monitored and reviewed based on recommendations to the Board by an ongoing General Manager Work Group to include representatives from each Department. – Colette Horn

MOTION – At a meeting of the Board of Directors of Ocean Pines Association, Inc., held on this 6th day of April, 2019, at 9 a.m. in the Assateague Room of the OPA Community Center the Board voted to adjourn to closed session for the purpose of discussion of personnel matters  specifically pertaining to an offer to appoint John Viola to assume the duties of General Manager for a term to be established by the Board, as permitted by the MD Homeowner’s Association Act, Section 11B-111(4)(i) Discussion of matters pertaining to employees and personnel.– Colette Horn

Appointments –

Jenny Cropper-Rines – 3rd Term – Communications

Elaine Brady – 3rd Term – Communications

John O’Connor – Extension – Budget & Finance

Jim Trummel – Chair – By-Laws & Resolutions

Larry Perrone – Chair – Budget & Finance

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