Resurfacing to close gym, Sept. 9-13 

Renovation will create third indoor pickleball court 

The gym inside the Ocean Pines Community Center will close from Sept. 9-13 for renovations, including the addition of a third indoor pickleball court.

The Ocean Pines Community Center gym will close for renovations from Sept. 9 to Sept. 13. 

During that time, ICP Construction will sand and repaint the gym floor to add a third indoor pickleball court.  

“They have to redo the whole floor in order to add that court, so they’ll start on the 9th sanding and it’ll take all week for it to be painted and to settle, before we can walk on it again,” Recreation and Parks Program Supervisor Debbie Donahue said.  

Donahue said the fiscal 2019 budget included $18,000 for the project. With taxes and freight, the actual cost will be slightly higher, at $18,600. 

Fall activities scheduled to start during the second week of September were rescheduled to the following week. Normal activities will resume upon reopening of the gym, on Saturday, Sept. 14.  

Pickleball players, Donahue said, couldn’t be happier about the project.  

“They think it’s great. They’re really excited that they can bring in more people and they’ll have more room,” she said. “Being able to put three courts in there and moving them away from the bleachers just makes it better for them. 

For more information, call the Ocean Pines Recreation and Parks Department at 410-641-7052. For information on recreation programs, including an online version of the Ocean Pines Activity Guide, visit 

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