Second Phase of Forensic Audit

The Ocean Pines Board of Directors has announced on Tuesday, Oct. 9 that they have unanimously voted to approve the second phase of a forensic audit.

Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates, a firm that includes experienced certified public accountants and certified fraud examiners, will continue its review of financial transactions, with the focus now being on those associated with the Ocean Pines Public Works Department.

In February of this year, the Board approved the first phase of the forensic audit that focused on the operations of the Food and Beverage Department.

The firm has produced interim reports on its work to date; those reports are made available online at The Association will continue to provide the public with similar reports as the forensic auditors move forward with the second phase of the engagement.

The Board of Directors conducted the vote on this motion via email. In accordance with Association policy, the Board may vote by email if the Directors unanimously agree to allow such a vote to occur. The vote to address this issue via email and the vote for the motion itself was passed via unanimous consent from the Directors.

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