Additional members needed for several OPA Board advisory committees

The Ocean Pines Association is looking for homeowner volunteers to help staff several of its Board advisory committees.  

Members of the Ocean Pines Elections Committee host the 2019 Candidate Draw on June 7.

Committee members are appointed by the Ocean Pines Association president with the consent of the Board of Directors. Members may serve on more than one committee.  

In order to qualify to serve on a committee, a homeowner must be eligible to vote.  

Current committees with vacancies include: 

  • Aquatics (may have up to four additional members)
  • Budget and Finance (may have up to three additional members)
  • Bylaws and Resolutions (may have up to two additional members)
  • Communications (may have additional members)
  • Environment and Natural Assets (may have up to two additional members)
  • Golf (may have up to two additional members)
  • Marine Activities (may have up to one additional member)
  • Recreation and Parks (may have up to six additional members)

Application forms are available at the Ocean Pines Administration Building on 239 Ocean Parkway. Forms may also be downloaded online at 

For information on general policies related to advisory committees, visit 

Guidelines for specific committees are available in Ocean Pines Books of Resolutions sections C-02 through C-15. For more information, visit 

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