Special Board Meeting Agenda

8-26-16 Special Agenda FINAL

Friday, August 26, 2016
Board Room, 4:30 pm

Call to Order –Tom Herrick

Pledge of Allegiance – All

Approval of Agenda – Board

President’s Remarks – Tom Herrick

Project updates and Board discussion regarding the following projects: – Bob Thompson
-Manklin Meadows
-Beach Club Bathrooms
-Country Club
-White Horse Park Bathrooms

Public Comments

New Business

 New Board’s Annual Agenda – Cheryl Jacobs

 Motion: I move that Ocean Pines Public Works, Fisher Marine, and any other entities currently using the Swim and Racquet Club park space be given until COB on Thursday, September 1, 2016, to remove all vehicles, boats, barges, equipment, trailers, tools, and supplies from the park space, and that it be ordered that no vehicle, equipment, or vessel related to bulkhead or other marine repair or construction services be parked or docked in the area for more than 8 contiguous hours, and no materials or supplies related to the bulkhead or other marine repair or construction be staged on the property for more than 4 contiguous calendar days.- Brett Hill

 Motion: I move that the Budget for the Ocean Pines Association for the fiscal year starting May 1, 2016 and ending April 30, 2017, be amended to remove the Food Truck from the Yacht Club operating budget. – Brett Hill

 Motion: I move that the Board of Directors authorize the General Manager to have his staff enter the property known as 39 Westfield Circle to bring “unattractive growth” in compliance with M-04. – Bret Hill

 Motion: I move that the General Manager immediately mobilize an objective, third-party licensed plumber to the Yacht Club to provide further troubleshooting of the persistent odor, and for a written report to be provided all members of the Board of Directors by12pm on Friday, September 2, 2016, from both the requested, third-party licensed plumber, as well as the report(s) from any other contractors who have investigated the issue. – Brett Hill

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