Special Commentary: “The Benefits of Tennis” 

“The Benefits of Tennis” 

Ocean Pines resident Allen Brodsky, 91, penned special commentary for Ocean Pines on “The Benefits of Tennis.”

91-year-old Allen Brodsky plays tennis at the Ocean Pines Racquet Sports complex.

A special commentary by Allen Brodsky, on “The benefits of tennis at all ages, and especially if taken up with professional instruction when young.” 

You need to stay healthy and in shape to have a happy, successful career and life. If possible, take up tennis when time and neighborhood allow, and support kids into getting into the sport by about age 10 if not sooner.  

I have found it to be the sport that most depends on, and best teaches, temper and emotional control, which can be useful throughout life. Also, watch how many of the players hug each other at the end of a match, whether loser or winner. This shows the friendship and sportsmanship between players from all over the world and various ages, skin colors, and ethnic backgrounds. Thus, the World Tennis Association has accomplished what the original United Nations Charter intended but was not able to accomplish. 

Watch some of the top professionals on the Tennis Channel, and you will see the necessity to use the muscles and coordination of the entire body over time, ensuring good heart-lung conditioning, as well as keeping a cool mental state without temper as much as possible. These requirements of tennis promote reaching an adult maturity that is best for functioning on any job, and enjoying the happiest life. 

I am glad I took up tennis at age 13 and was able by age 15 to enjoy the lessons of competition of local tournaments, and by 16 and 17 of varsity tennis in high school and college. The physical requirements of tennis, along with those of wrestling in high school and college, gave me exercises for stamina that I continued to use and expand throughout my life. 

The need to stay in shape to enjoy tennis year-round has kept me exercising and in great shape up to my age of 91 today. 

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