Spray irrigation town hall video online 

Worcester County Deputy Public Works Director John Ross offers an overview of the spray irrigation exploratory proposal during a March 12 town hall.

Video of Thursday’s town hall about the spray irrigation exploratory proposal is now available online, here: https://youtu.be/ZKYNvpWLlGk. 

Ocean Pines and Worcester County jointly hosted the town hall, which included an overview of the proposal by county officials, and a question-and-answer session with county and Ocean Pines officials.   

Links for specific agenda topics are as follows:    

Welcome/Introduction – John Viola, Ocean Pines General Manager   https://youtu.be/ZKYNvpWLlGk?t=2 

Pledge of Allegiance – https://youtu.be/ZKYNvpWLlGk?t=22 

Spray Irrigation Exploratory Proposal Overview – John Tustin, Worcester County Director of Public Works, and John Ross, Worcester County Deputy Director of Public Works  https://youtu.be/ZKYNvpWLlGk?t=62  

Member Q & A – Please step up to the microphone and state your name and address. Please limit questions to two (2) minutes or less. Questions must be limited to the scope of the stated town hall topic, the Spray Irrigation Exploratory Proposal  https://youtu.be/ZKYNvpWLlGk?t=1025 

Closing – https://youtu.be/ZKYNvpWLlGk?t=3830

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