Temporary General Manager Named

John Viola

The Ocean Pines Board of Directors has released the following statement:

The OPA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that John Viola has been asked and has agreed to serve as General Manager on a temporary basis.  John brings a wealth of business, financial and management experience to this role.  As GM he will handle the activities required to maintain day-to-day operations of the OPA and the Transition Management Team will continue to be an available resource to him as needed.

The By-Laws of OPA state, “The General Manager serves as manager of the Association including all departments and units and shall organize, consolidate or combine offices, positions, departments, or units as necessary for efficient operations.”  In that regard John Viola has asked Colby Phillips to become Director of Operations.  The Board supports this appointment and believes Colby Phillips, with her experience and gifts, will as Director of Operations, be a significant addition to the senior leadership our association.

Given the temporary nature of the appointment of John as GM, the Board has already issued a Request for Proposal from qualified property management services firms to provide the operational and management leadership for the Association.  Additionally, the Board plans to issue a Request for Proposal for an executive search firm to engage in a competitive process for identifying candidates for the GM position.


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