This Saturday at the Farmers Market

Spring is getting ready to spring, and the Ocean Pines Farmers and Artisans Market is prepared to greet the season! The market is open every Saturday from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Check out what’s happening this Saturday, March 14.

Local Grown Flowers are Back!

Spring is in full bloom at Longridge Gardens. Floral artisan Terry Jordan is now gathering several varieties of daffodils, blooming branches, pussy willows and curly willow twigs, and soon the first tulip blooms of the year will be harvested.

In addition to buds and blooms, Longridge Gardens also brings to market a variety of fresh sprouts and micro greens from the Parsonsburg homestead. The sprout and micro green offerings change with the seasons, and shoppers can always expect to find something new from time to time. Several areas restaurants feature Longridge Gardens sprouts and micro greens on their menus.

Fruit and Vegetable of 2020 at Market

This year’s fruit of the year is now in season. While not grown here, the grapefruit has been honored with the title for 2020. Many recall the tart and sometimes very sour white grapefruit from years gone by, but today’s popular red grapefruits are much sweeter.

“The Ruby Red grapefruit from Texas is a winter citrus season favorite for many of our Ocean Pines market shoppers,” said David Joseph, co-owner of the market’s greengrocer shop, D. J. David & Company. “They are so sweet, I just peel them like an orange to eat.” David said that many of his customers are buying the fruit to make Grapefruit Crushes, a knock-off of the popular summer Orange Crush drink.

“It’s no surprise that cauliflower has been named the vegetable of the year,” said Lenore Brady of Stag Run Farm. “We’ve been growing several varieties, and everyone loves the orange and purple colored heads.” Cauliflower, a member of the brassica plant family, can be found at market during the cooler seasons.

“Both of these winners combined would make a wonderful lunch or dinner, anytime of the year,” said market chef Maggie Hearn. “A bowl of creamy cauliflower soup and a butter leaf lettuce salad with pink grapefruit segments would be absolutely delicious.”

Pie (Pi) Day this Saturday

No Celebration of Pi Day would be complete without a slice or two of pie. Just ask Belinda White, baker and owner of the much loved marketplace bake shop Pies Etcetera.

White brings dozens of pies to the farmers market each week. While her pie fillings change with the seasons, the demand for her pies never fades from Ocean Pines shoppers. Belinda, who grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, learned her pie skills from family members, and many of those family recipes for baked goods can be found weekly on her market stand.

Pies Etcetera is a unique bake shop at the Saturday market. It reminds many of the Pennsylvania Dutch bakeries found elsewhere. After all, It’s uncommon to find a wet bottom shoefly pie or some of the other Amish-style baked goods here at the beach. In addition to pies, the stand offers the largest selection of homemade cookies found at the market. Good news for those who are following a gluten-free diet – Pies Etcetera offers many homemade baked items for this lifestyle.

While we don’t need an excuse to eat pie any day, Pi Day this Saturday is a great excuse for some sweet pie indulgence!

Kids Market Zone

The lovable clown Ms. Vera is coming to the Kids Market Zone on Saturday, April 11 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Miss Vera will be crafting with the kids, making a variety of wooden crafts. Each child’s crafting kit will cost between $2 and $5.

A full schedule of weekly Kids Market Zone activities returns Memorial Day weekend and will run throughout the summer and fall.

Ms. Margaret will be back at the craft table, along with Ms. Jean and her magic paint brushes, doing face painting. Several special guests are slated be in the “big chair” for story time this year.



Market Open-Air Kitchen

Chef Bill Curtis returns to the kitchen with a fun twist on the breakfast sandwich. Bill teams up with merchants We Jam 4U, Great Expectations Farm and the Pampered Chef shop to make the ultimate farmers breakfast sandwich. The cooking fun begins at 9:30 a.m.

It’s Never too Early to Begin Planning

Now is the time to begin planning for the upcoming spring holidays. Our market bakeries are now taking special orders for Passover and Easter. Don’t forget to check with all of our merchants for other special spring offerings for your home and table.

Community Corner

Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department
Women’s Club of Ocean Pines
Town Cats of Ocean Pines

Returning Merchants

Memere’s Tots – Handmade children’s clothing
Capechi Art – Custom watercolor and oil paintings
Ready to Ride Pre-owned and Vintage Bicycles – Upcycled bicycles

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