UPDATE: New Board statement on assessment payments

Ocean Pines Association President Doug Parks this morning provided the following statement, on behalf of the Board of Directors, about annual assessment payments during the COVID-19 crisis:

“As a follow up to the special meeting of the OPA Board on Friday, March 20, we want to provide additional details to the membership as we work towards a solution to address payment of the annual assessment. At that meeting, we directed the general manager and his finance team to evaluate the possible payment options we had discussed. Our objective is to address concerns from the membership regarding their ability to pay the annual assessment by the current due date.

“Options regarding pushing back the due date, establishing payment plans and other possibilities are currently being evaluated. While these approaches seem simple in concept, we do need to consider the effect any option has on our ability to meet existing financial obligations both in the short and long term. Not only do we need to prioritize the needs of the membership, we also need to protect our employees, the services, the amenities and all the assets of Ocean Pines.

“Knowing that OPA still needs to run its operations, although in a diminished capacity, we ask that all members who are able to pay their assessment on time to please do so as this approach will lessen the burden on determining an alternate funding source during these times. Paying on time also allows additional options to be considered to help our neighbors who are more severely impacted by the pandemic. We will continue to work through possible options for those who have a financial concern regarding the assessment payment and are targeting to have a decision by our April 1 regularly scheduled Board meeting.

“Rest assured that we will have a viable solution to provide the needed flexibility for payment of the annual assessment as well as protecting the current staff employed by OPA to run its operations. We are in this situation together as a community and will get through this situation together as a community.”

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