Updates on Golf and Police construction, Northstar software transition 

The new fiscal-year budget and Golf cart barn building both look to wrap this month, and several other major projects remain on track, General Manager John Viola said during a Board meeting Wednesday night.  

“We have some major construction going on … about $3.5 million [worth],” Viola said.  

He said the biggest of the construction projects, the new 7,200 square-foot Golf clubhouse, should finish by May at an estimated cost of $1.6 million. To date, the Association has spent just under $600,000 on the project.  

“We had a meeting today on all the construction and I think several members of this Board – as well as myself and [Director of Finance and Operational Logistics] Steve [Phillips] – [believe] that it’s on track and definitely under budget,” Viola said. 

A fireplace and a handful of other items recently were added to the project without going over budget, Viola said.  

He said the cart barn was delayed slightly, but should finish in about a week and stay under budget, perhaps coming in at around $90,000 below the $400,000 estimate.  

A 3,400 square-foot expansion of the Police headquarters is “really just starting, but there’s a lot of progress,” Viola said. The foundation is set and much of the brick-wall interior can already be seen in its location, next to the administration building on 239 Ocean Parkway. 

The total projected cost of the expansion is $1.3 million, with just over $125,000 spent to date.  

Viola said Ocean Pines is already generating its monthly financial reports using the new Northstar software systems, although there are several open items remaining in the transition. The software will eventually encompass Association finances, amenity programming, and a new website. 

“It is a highly customized software system … so there is work there,” he said.  

Viola added he formed a work group to oversee the open items list, with Association President Doug Parks and Budget and Finance Committee members Brian Reynolds and Jeff Knepper leading that effort. 

“Doug has a lot of background on project planning and open items, and he’s helping us put together the report and we’ll have follow-ups with Northstar,” Viola said. “The team has a very positive attitude and I know we’ll be successful. I’ll continue to update the Association on this. 

To date, Ocean Pines has spent just over $300,000 on the Northstar transition, against a budget of $400,000.  

Lastly, Viola said the recommended fiscal 2020/2021 budget was posted online on Jan. 24. A public hearing for the budget was part of the meeting on Wednesday evening, and a second hearing and vote to approve the document is scheduled Feb. 18.  

To view a video of the meeting, visit https://youtu.be/6qM2p6qvOXU. 

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