Viola offers more financial good news, project updates

Phillips also reports on drainage improvements during Nov. 2 Board meeting 

The good financial news continues, and the Association remains track on several major projects, according to updates provided by Ocean Pines officials last week. 

General Manager John Viola, during a Nov. 2 Ocean Pines Board meeting, said seven major initiatives currently underway all are still on schedule and within budget.  

Construction of the new Golf clubhouse projects to finish by May 2020 at an estimated cost of $1.6 million. The Golf cart barn should finish by January and cost $400,000, Viola said.  

Expansion of the Police quarters is a little further out, projecting to Nov. 2020 at a cost of $1.3 million, while the new Craft Club building should finish by January 2020 and cost $85,000. 

Also on schedule are the Northstar software project (May 2020, $400,000), Sibson Group compensation study (November, 2019, $50,000) and work on the next fiscal year budget (Dec. 23, 2019).  

“There’s a lot of initiatives [and] objectives we’re working on, and it’s a whole team effort,” Viola said.  

As some aspects of Northstar will go live this month, Viola said the transition may affect financial reporting due by the 13th workday. 

“We will definitely communicate it and update everybody,” he said. “But, it will be a few days longer and [we just want to] ensure, with this major change, that we reconcile and are comfortable with everything.” 

Viola said work on the fiscal 2020/2021 budget, on the other hand, is well ahead of schedule. 

“Compared to prior years, I have a budget. I have an estimated assessment number … It’s been a team effort,” he said. “We’re ahead of last year by two months, so it should be a good holiday season for the team.” 

Focusing on the financials, Viola said the Association finished September $57,788 ahead of budget and $31,621 better than September 2018. Total revenues were $48,435 over budget and expenses were $9,353 lower.  

Year to date, after the first five months of the fiscal year, Ocean Pines is ahead of budget by more than $500,000, and $422,319 better than at the same time last year.  

Viola said it was notable that, while revenues are more than $460,000 ahead of budget on the year, expenses were lower than budget by more than $56,000. 

“That’s a big one to me,” he said. “It shows that we’re not just doing better on the amenities.” 

Showing year-over-year improvements are General Administration ($142,000), Public Works ($120,000), the Yacht Club ($86,000), Aquatics ($60,000), Recreation and Parks ($50,000), Marinas ($26,000), the Beach Club ($12,000), Tern Grille ($10,000), New Capital ($5,000), Golf ($4,000) and Finance ($3,000). 

Viola cautioned that, while the Association is well ahead now, those number would likely come down slightly by the end of the year.  

“The next seven months, obviously we have a lot of operating expenses and our amenities more or less start to slow down,” he said. “The rest of the year we usually are funding departments, so it will probably come in a little lower than the $500,000.” 

Viola added any remaining end-of-year surplus would “go against the deficit and help the assessment.” 

Treasurer Larry Perrone said the Association as of Sept. 30 had $10.2 million in reserves, including $6.3 million in replacement reserves, $2.6 million in bulkheads, and $1.3 million in roads. The forecast, by April 30, 2020, is for total reserves to dip to $5.69 million, because of several major maintenance and replacement projects underway. 

“That is a soft number, because I know John’s going to bring these projects in under budget –– no pressure –– so that number should be a little higher,” Perrone said.  

Supplying a “dashboard report,” Operations Director Colby Phillips said the Association is working on nearly $500,000 in drainage improvements, including pipe replacements at Watertown Road and Borderlinks, and other projects near Boston Drive and Mumford’s Landing. 

“Right now, we are continuing to clean out the ditches in the community,” Phillips said. “We’re starting on the south end of Ocean Parkway and working our way north, and [at] every intersection we’re clearing back the brush and cleaning that out, because we’ve gotten a lot of people reaching out to us [with reports of issues].” 

Phillips said Ocean Pines officials recently met with representatives from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Department of the Environment, and University of Maryland Extension office to talk about funding for more drainage enhancements. 

“They look for ways to provide solutions for the community issues that we’re having on water, drainage [and] stormwater,” she said. “It was a very productive meeting.” 

Phillips said there was talk of expanding Bainbridge Pond to increase the capacity there and lesson flooding in neighboring areas. State officials also recommended planting vegetation along Wood Duck Park to help absorb more water. 

“This is an early stage … but everybody was really positive,” she said.  

Phillips said a community workshop on flooding issues and things “that homeowners can do to help protect their property” is also in the works.  

“We’re going to be looking to offer those workshops after the first of the year,” she said.   

Phillips also briefly highlighted the restarted bulkhead replacement program, which now includes three contractors working in various areas. 

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The meeting will rebroadcast on Channel 78 this week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon and again at 7 p.m.    

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September 19, 2019 – Special Meeting 

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President’s Remarks – Doug Parks, President  

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