Volunteers to honor Foultz by continuing “Holiday Gifts for Our Soldiers” 

Marked containers collecting “Holiday Gifts for Our Soldiers” will be placed throughout the community during the month of October. The collection honors the late Anna Foultz, who started the drive more than a decade ago.

Collection runs Oct. 1 to Oct. 31; will be final activity of Star Charities 

Volunteers from Star Charities and other community organizations hope to honor the late Anna Foultz by making one of her final wishes come true – to make the 2019 “Holiday Gifts for Our Soldiers” drive one of the biggest yet. 

Foultz and her late husband, Carl, more than a decade ago started the drive, which each year collects nonperishable items to send to men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces stationed overseas.  

Starting Oct. 1, volunteers will place collection containers throughout the community. Drop-off sites in Ocean Pines include the Administration Building, Community Center and Ocean Pines branch of the Worcester County Library.  

Collection containers will be marked with a list of the most requested items, which include baby powder and foot powder; black and white cotton socks; chewing gum; powdered Crystal light, ice tea and Gatorade; Slim Jimsnuts and other nonperishable snacks; games like checkers, backgammon, chess and dominos; tooth paste and brushes; feminine products; and small paperbacks. Do not place any perishable items, glass, hotel samples (as they do not include a list of ingredients that might cause allergies) or pork products in the containers. 

Containers will be available until Oct. 31, at which time volunteers will transport them to a central location organized by Barb Peletier of Star Charities. The National Guard will pick up the donations and ship them to various locations, overseas.  

A representative from Star Charities said they hope the containers are “bulging with gifts by the end of this drive,” adding the collection will mark the final activity of the nonprofit.  

To quote Foultz, “Do your part to help the heroes who keep America free, and god Bless all of you!”  

 For more information about “Holiday Gifts for Our Soldiers,” contact Peletier at 443-896-4914. 

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