Water and sewer issues? Call Worcester County 

Ocean Pines Public Works building

Ocean Pines residents and homeowners experiencing water and sewer issues are reminded to contact Worcester County, not Ocean Pines Public Works. 

“For anything related to water or sewage, they need to call the county, and they have an emergency number as well,” Public Works Operations Manager Nobie Violante said. Violante said Public Works receives several calls each week on the subject. “Ocean Pines Public Works doesn’t handle any water or wastewater – we just take care of our own buildings if we have a problem.” 

Karen Hammer, from Worcester County Administration, said water or sewer operational issues should be directed to the Worcester County Department of Public Works – Water/Wastewater Division on 1000 Shore Lane in Ocean Pines. To contact the department, call 410-641-5251. 

“It’ll usually go to someone who will respond in a half hour to an hour after they call the emergency line,” Violante said.  

For water and wastewater billing questions, call the Worcester County Treasurers office at 410-632-0686 and select option four.  

Violante said Ocean Pines Public Works recently changed its nighttime answering machine greeting, directing people with water and sewer problems to call Worcester County. He said Ocean Pines Police also receives several calls each week on the subject. 

“People call us and get upset and think we just don’t want to address those problems, but it’s really something they have to call the county about,” Violante said. “They can call Ocean Pines Public Works if they’re having any issues with drainage ditches or potholes. We pretty much deal with anything and everything – other than water and wastewater.” 

To contact Ocean Pines Public Works, call 410-641-7425. 

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