Worcester Youth to host suicide prevention event, Dec. 4

The following is a release from the Worcester County Health Department: 


Worcester Youth and Family Counseling Services, Inc. is hosting an event on Wednesday, December 4, 2019 about Suicide Prevention. The keynote speaker will be Susan Schwarten, a four-time suicide attempt survivor. For details and to RSVP contact Angela Manos at Worcester Youth and Family, at amanos@gowoyo.org.


“Suicide is a dirty word. It happens only to the weak, cowardly, sinful, or selfish among us—or so we’ve been told. The truth is that suicide is none of those things. The truth is that suicide is borne of pain, isolation, and hopelessness. It’s the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.. Over 1 million Americans attempt suicide annually, 121.1 of us die by suicide per day, and over 44,193 of us die by suicide every year. The ways we talk and think about suicide are dangerous and discriminatory. Suicide attempt survivors, in particular, have been erased by prejudice and discrimination in both society and the very behavioral health field that exists to help them. This marginalization is egregious: 90% of suicide attempt survivors go on to live lives that do not end in suicide, but they still require compassion and care from their personal and professional support systems.”


Please join us for this powerful training event, offered by Susan Schwarten, a four-time suicide attempt survivor. Susan is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Economics. After a career in the insurance industry as an underwriter, broker and manager, she retired to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She is past President of the Worcester County Commission for Women, a Court Appointed Special Advocate and served on the board of the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra. She is a four time suicide survivor and is presently a member of the Governor’s Commission for Suicide Prevention.


See what Susan has to say below…


“I am a four time suicide attempt survivor. I am also a college graduate, a successful professional, a community volunteer and a neophyte albeit self-appointed spokesperson for the suicide survivor community. I am currently a member of the Governor’s Commission on Suicide Prevention representing suicide attempt survivors. I am lucky in that I have a strong support system and decent health insurance. But I still did my best to die four times. I would like to answer your questions about whom and what has helped me as well as tell you about the mental health system from the other side.”


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