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Pickleball is a game that combines elements from tennis, badminton and ping-pong… and is one of the fastest-growing sports in North America! This family-friendly game is very accessible to almost everyone, regardless of age or athletic ability. Pickleball is a racquet sport in which two to four players use a Wiffle ball and composite paddles on a surface half the size of a tennis court with a net lowered to 34″ in the center. Pickleball is lots of fun for both the experienced and non-experienced!

The Ocean Pines Racquet Center features 12 dedicated pickleball courts. Four additional courts are also available for use.

The Ocean Pines Community Center features 3 indoor pickleball courts, available at select days and times.

Ocean Pines Community Center (Indoor)

235 Ocean Parkway, Ocean Pines

Ocean Pines Racquet Center (Outdoor)
11443 Manklin Creek Road, Ocean Pines


The sport is played on a court with the same dimensions as a doubles badminton court. The net is similar to a tennis net, but is mounted two inches lower. The game is played with a hard paddle and a polymer smaller version of a Wiffle ball.

Pickleball is similar to tennis, but with differences. A pickleball ball typically moves at one-third of the average speed of a tennis ball and the court is just under one-third of the total area of a tennis court.

The ball is served underhand from behind the baseline, diagonally to the opponent’s service zone.
Points are scored by the serving side only and occur when the opponent faults (fails to return the ball, hits ball out of bounds, steps into the ‘kitchen’ area [the first seven feet from the net, also known as the non-volley zone] in the act of volleying the ball, etc.). A player may enter the non-volley zone to play a ball that bounces, and may stay there to play balls that bounce.



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Pro Shop

Pro Shop Open
Daily, 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.*
*Please note that posted hours are subject to staff availability.

Racquet Center visitors are asked to place drop-in fees in the Pro Shop drop box when an attendant is not on duty.

Racquet Sports Members & Guests: Please sign in at the Pro Shop prior to heading to the courts. By signing in, you help us keep track of court usage/availability, maintain accurate statistics and validate memberships. Thank you!

Racquet Sports Members Only: Ocean Pines Racquet Sports members are asked to sign at the Pro Shop using their member/resident ID card. Members who don't have a card can have one made at the Ocean Pines Administration Building.


The Ocean Pines Racquet Center features a full-service Pro Shop, open seasonally. The Pro Shop offers:

  • Racquet restringing
  • Racquet regripping
  • Tennis, pickleball and platform tennis balls for sale
  • Membership information
  • Vending machines


PLAY 3 & SAVE! Ocean Pines residents - ask about our combo rate for all 3 racquet sports!

Pickleball Memberships
Amenity memberships are available to Ocean Pines residents and property owners. Associate memberships are available to those who are not residents or property owners.

Annual OP Pickleball Membership includes:
-unlimited outdoor play on courts at the Ocean Pines Racquet Center
-unlimited indoor play on courts at the Ocean Pines Community Center, during times when the Recreation & Parks Department allocates weekly gym time to pickleball players

2024-25 Ocean Pines Resident/Property Owner Pickleball Membership Rates

  • Family $325
  • Individual $200
  • Junior $60

2024-25 Non-Resident/Property Owner Pickleball Membership Rates

  • Family $450
  • Individual $275
  • Junior $90

Pickleball Memberships may be purchased at the Ocean Pines Administration Building, located at 235 Ocean Parkway in Ocean Pines. For more information, call 410-641-7717.

Click here for amenity membership applications.

Daily Rates


  • FREE for Ocean Pines Pickleball Members (must show ID tag)
  • $5 for Ocean Pine Residents (Non-Members)
  • $7 for Non-Residents (Non-Members)


  • FREE for Ocean Pines Pickleball Members
  • $8 Ocean Pines Residents
  • $11 Non-Residents


Check back for upcoming events! 


Indoor Pickleball

Indoor pickleball is offered at the Ocean Pines Community Center, located at 239 Ocean Parkway, through the Recreation and Parks Department. For more information, please call 410-641-7052.

Indoor Spring Play Schedule:

thru May 11, 2024
Mondays: 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Tuesdays: 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Thursdays 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 4:00-8:00 p.m.

To sign-up to play with Pickleball Den, click here.

Non-scheduled drop-in times at the Ocean Pines Community Center also may be available. The rate for these non-scheduled times is $3 a player. Call 410-641-7052 for availability. 

Outdoor Pickleball Drop-In

Outdoor Drop-In Schedule

Call 410-641-7228 to register. To view the drop-in schedule and sign-up to play this week, click here.

Important Links

Please keep using Sign-up Genius link to indicate when you are playing, as this helps all of us!  We will also base the popularity of outdoor & indoor times upon the number of sign-ups.

If you have any problem using the Sign-up Genius, please click “Help” on the sign-up page and submit your problem, and they will respond very promptly.  Also, try signing up from a tablet or laptop/ computer.

Visit the Administration Office or the Racquet Sports Complex for more information.