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6-Month or 1-Year Contract
Flat Rate – Billed Quarterly
Quarterly: $86.70
Service Schedule Trash 2 collections per week
Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday
Service Schedule Recycling Once a week on the 2nd trash collection day.  This will be on a Thursday or Friday.
Trash/Recycling Containers Household Trash:
Republic will provide new trash containers.
Single-Stream Recycling:
Republic provides a 65-gal. container at no charge.
 Republic Services Recycling Click here for printable information about recyclable materials collected by Republic Services.





Here are common questions and answers regarding the three-year agreement between Ocean Pines and Republic Services:

QUESTION: When and how do I sign up for a new account with Republic Services?

ANSWER    :   Residents can enroll by calling Republic Customer Service at 410-749-1551.


QUESTION: What is the cost for the service?

ANSWER    : You will be billed quarterly (every 3 months) for $86.70.


QUESTION: How many times per week will Republic pick up my garbage?

ANSWER    :  Trash pick-up service is twice per week.


QUESTION: What are trash collection days?

ANSWER    :  Collections for households in North Ocean Pines are on Monday and Thursdays.  Collections for South Ocean Pines are Tuesdays and Fridays.


QUESTION: Will Republic provide me with a trash can?

ANSWER    :  Yes. Republic will provide new trash containers for residents. For recycling collection, Republic Services will provide a 65-gallon blue container with a gray lid to identify it for single-stream recycling.


QUESTION: When will Republic pick up my recycling?

ANSWER    :  Recycling service is once a week.  Your collection day will be the second day of your trash collection.  If you have trash collection on Monday and Thursday, your recycling will be picked up on Thursday.  If you have trash collection on Tuesday and Friday, your recycling will be picked up on Friday.


QUESTION: What is single-stream recycling?

ANSWER    : Single-stream recycling means residents put all of their recyclables into a single container. Click here for more information about which materials are accepted for recycling.


QUESTION: What are the rules regarding acceptable material and how much garbage I can put out each collection day?


Acceptable: There is no limit to the amount of “household” trash a customer may put out for collection.
Acceptable: Republic will collect up to a maximum of four bags of leaves and/or yard cuttings per collection, as well as brush, tree limbs and shrub trimmings provided that they are cut into 4-foot lengths and tied into bundles weighing not more than 50 pounds.
Acceptable: Republic will also collect Christmas trees placed in one piece at the normal collection place for a two-week period following the holiday.
Unacceptable: Household trash shall not include furniture, hazardous materials, mechanical equipment or machinery, including automotive machinery, sand, solid or other mineral matter, and any other items or matters not resulting from ordinary household operations.


QUESTION: What if I need a bulk pick up of non-household garbage items or material?

ANSWER    : Call Customer Service at 410-749-1551 to discuss options and pricing based on the type and quantity of material to be disposed of.

QUESTION: Whom do I call if I have questions about my account?

ANSWER    :Call Republic Customer Service at 410-749-1551


95-Gallon Trash Can – Available to rent for $1.20  per month (above, pictured on left)

 65-Gallon Recycle Bin – Free with service contract (above, pictured on right)


Call 410-749-1551 to sign up for new services.